Thank You for purchasing our Cashcard Reader

We are committed to providing you with quality products and our expert support. However, before you start using this product, we would like to encourage you to first read through our product warranty statement. If you discover any difficulties either during installation or using the product, we request that you read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section before contacting us. Many of the common issues are described and explained in the FAQ.

Contact Reader UTrust 2700R

To Start using the device, you must first Download & Install the driver and then the application below.

Driver Installer for Cashcard Reader

Download and install the driver first. Take note that the driver  reader must be installed prior to connecting the reader first time. (Identiv uTrust V1.19)

eCash.v3 Application Installer 

Next, install the eCash application that reads the transaction logs via the contactless reader. (Released on 31-Mar-2021, v3.3.0.16)

Software Release Documentation

This document records the major changes in the various eCash software versions.